News Archive 4: January - November 2007

November 5-8, 2007:
At the beginning of the month, Bob and Debbie spent some time up in Mendocino. Charlie, Mary Lee, and Chico joined them for a few days. There are many places up there that are "dog friendly," so it was as much a vacation for Chico as for everyone else. A good time was had by all.

They spent one morning at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens. Here is the beginning of the venture.

Debbie posing with Chico.

Mary Lee preparing to take a photograph.

And one of her pictures.

Later on, Debbie throwing a stick for Chico at Big River Beach. Chico did not seem to mind getting a mouth full of sand when he scooped up the stick.

Late August - Early September 2007 (but 2 months late):
The webmaster for this site should be fired! No updates for six months! I apologize but offer no excuses.

In late August and early September, Charlie and Mary Lee went on a trip to Africa. Mary Lee took hundreds of photographs, and if you email her, she can send them to you on a DVD. Here are three highlights.

First, Mary Lee talks to a rhinoceros. Tame rhinos are very rare. This is one of the few.

Who says white men can't jump? Just not that high. Here, Charlie is jumping with some Masai warriors. He said he could have gotten more air if he hadn't been worried about dropping his hat and camera.

Below, Mary Lee and Charlie pose in front of a Baobab, Africa's "Upside-Down Tree."

April 10, 2007:
Some big news: Debbie's daughter, Sarina, is now engaged. Her fiancé's name is Andrew. They are planning a long engagement, with a wedding tentatively set for June 7, 2008. Below is a recent picture of the two of them, with their two puppies:

Sorry about the long period between updates. The webmaster's hard drive died and had to be replaced, which meant re-creating some of this site from scratch.

February 26, 2007:
Here are some more pictures from the Point Reyes trip that Mary Lee took with her superior camera and photography skills. The first is the Point Reyes Lighthouse with Debbie on the steps:

A deer up above the lighthouse:

And more elephant seals, but up close so you can see their snouts:

February 17, 2007:
On Saturday, Charlie and Mary Lee joined Debbie and Bob on a trip to Point Reyes National Seashore. They visited the lighthouse, a high vantage point from which you can sometimes see whales. Although another park visitor supposedly saw one, their group did not. When they got to the lighthouse at about 10:30 a.m., it was a sunny day, but within two hours, the fog came in and the temperature dropped. Below is a picture of the fog charging in from the ocean.

What they did see were elephant seals, although only from a safe distance. The things that look like slugs on the beach below are elephant seals ranging in length from 3 to 15 feet:
Apologies for the lack of a clear picture. All four (Bob, Debbie, Charlie and Mary Lee, not the seals), had sore legs at the end of the day from hiking up and down hills.

February 5, 2007:
The Queen Mary 2 was docked at Pier 27 in San Francisco yesterday and today. It is currently on an around-the-world cruise. After San Francisco, it continues on to Hawaii, which it will reach in three days. Charlie and Mary Lee went to San Francisco to see the big boat, and Bob met them there. For some reason, the Queen Mary 2 attracted a lot of older people, who filled the Embarcadero, making it pretty crowded for a Monday.

Although the ship was not easily viewed from the dock because of its immense size, they took the Alameda-Oakland Ferry from Pier 41, which provided a better view. Here are Mary Lee and Charlie on the ferry, with the Queen Mary 2 in the background:

Below is another picture of the big boat, with the tip of the Transamerica Tower in the background to the left:

February 2, 2007: is now one year old! I hope everyone has enjoyed the site during the past year.

January 20, 2007:
Bob has some big news. Yesterday was his last day of work at Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold. He is going to dedicate the majority of his time and energy to writing screenplays. This has been his dream for several years, and it's about time he pursued it! Bob will also handle appellate matters in Texas and California, but writing will be his primary focus.

On the day before his last day, Bob's boss and co-workers took him to lunch at one of his favorite restaurants near the office. The lunch was great, and it was a very nice way to say goodbye.

January 17, 2007:
In case you don't believe the news reports about the cold weather in Texas, here are some pictures to prove it. Compare the backyard to the way it looked in the background of the Christmas picture of Maggie



January 9, 2007:
Some pictures from Christmas. Maggie:
Maggie Christmas 06_1

Debbie's children, Michael, Sarina and Robert:


Sue and Elizabeth:

January 1, 2007:
Charlie, Mary Lee, Debbie and Bob rang in the new year together -- sort of. Although they were on the west coast, they only stayed up until midnight Mountain Time. Still, they had fun, and watched the movie that won the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture in 2006.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!